3 HOT Tips – How You Can Show Up & Show Out in FB Groups

Have you gotten stuck in the No-Pitch Zone? Every FB group you join encourages sharing, but just not WHAT you are wanting to share? Or you just don’t know HOW to share it without getting Red-Flagged? Do you have something to share or are you just wanting to pitch a product? WHY do you appear spammy, when you just want to add value to a group?


Follow the Rules. Every FB group has some set of rules either written or implied that the owners of the group don’t want you to sell to their peeps. After all, they have spent countless hours and sleepless nights building a group that meets their criteria for support or sales, or whatever people want when they decide to create a FB Group. And after all it is their group, well actually it’s Facebook’s platform, so it’s kinda more Facebook’s group, but you know what I mean. If people feel trapped in a group where people jump in and spam them with all sorts of wacky offers from permanent lipstick to the latest and greatest health trend, then people will leave their group. Then all the hard work that the group owner put into the group will be gone, and they have to start over. So, how do you participate in a group, without being spammy, especially if you do have something to sell.

Days & Times. Some groups have specific times and days to promote within the group. You can go live on Tuesday or Thursday to share value (and pitch on your live), and Friday is Freebie Friday where you can share your opt-in with the group. Or you can post your link to a specific piece of content, or Instagram account. So there is that. But this is often a very noisy place to throw out your content. Most people are about posting there, and not so much about reading there. So it’s easy to get missed, even if you do get to share on a specific thread on a specific day.

No Hit & Run. You can try sharing amazing posts directly into the group, but it’s hard to let people know about your promotions, without letting them know about your promotions or your business. Even if you have the best intentions, it’s hard for the group leader not to feel like a ‘hit and run’ opportunity for spammy promoters. Add value by adding helpful content…that hints at your solution. So perhaps it’s about ‘attracting’ people to you vs. selling to them directly.


►TIP #1.

Look for opportunities to be interviewed in a group. Ask the group leader if they would be interested in going live with you to help add some content in their group.  If you share value, perhaps there will be at least an opportunity to share your wisdom on a specific topic that will lead listeners back to you. Just send a message go the FB group owners and promote a collaboration. Commit to going live on a specific date, create an event in the group. Show your face, show your expertise, treat their group and their audience with respect.


►TIP #2.

 Search for and answer FB posts that have questions about your zone of genius. Then support others as a resource to all.


►TIP #3.

Build connections with other people so they know where they can refer people when they see someone post in your zone of genius. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. Look for your Best Biz Bestie in these groups, seek out the people who are the loudest in the group.


►Bonus tip.

Ask the group leader to allow you to lead a pitch-free training inside their group. Chances are that everyone out there is looking for amazing content that they don’t have to create themselves. So an opportunity for someone to do training is a way better strategy than posting ‘helpful’ content, because it gives people a chance to interact with you. Thus allowing you to shine for the group owner, but also for your business.
You want to be helpful when it’s called for and have your personal profile pimped out so that if you want to share that type of post on YOUR profiles then people can find you from the interaction in the group.

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