Connecting With Introverts –
And What You Are Probably Getting Wrong

Introverts are a large percentage of our society. Probably more than you think because they can be some of the quietest people that you know, but not necessarily. I am ”loud, lovable, and full of laughs.” But something less known about me is that I am also an introvert. I didn’t understand that for a very long time.

I knew that I was different in how I interacted with people, and then I would have some days, where no matter how much I wanted to, ” I just couldn’t people anymore”.


► Not all introverts are shy.

Mostly, introverts have been labeled quiet or shy. Perhaps, they are seen as just ‘not people-persons’. Maybe people even think that being introverted limits how well people can network, or build businesses.
When obviously we, as introverts can be just like everyone else in how we chose to interact with the world.
Introverts go shopping, hang out in social situations, and laugh and have fun with those around them. The difference can be in the ‘recovery’ time afterward.

► How Do You UN-People?

Someone once explained being introverted like this… ”you have a stressful week studying for a college exam, for instance, and once you take the test, what happens next? Do you ‘want to blow off some steam’ with your friends, or do you crave ‘quiet, peaceful, non-stimulating’ tranquility?”

If it’s peace and quiet you desperately need…then there is a better than average chance that you are an introvert on some level, my friend. You require self-quieting, and downtime to recover from many, if not all social or stressful situations.


► Are Introverts A Part Of  Your Tribe?

Being spirits of quiet reflection, introverts can be extremely deep thinkers. And can hold places in this world for you to be yourself in so many ways. And we are a part of every online community and be raving fans of many social media influencers.

While we can be contented to ‘watch’ while others interact sometimes, rest assured we are paying attention to how you connect with everyone in your group or community. Let’s learn how to connect better within our own communities.


► One2One Connections.

Thea Orozco owner of & the Trailmaking Introverts FB Group

Have you heard of the Trailmaking Introvert Facebook group Introverted Entrepreneurs Community? Does it seem counterintuitive that introverts would need a FB Group?

That’s probably just the reason that Thea Orozco started the group. She recognized that introverts want more impact, income, and freedom in their businesses and their lives. I love this group where introverts learn that they don’t have to create their trail alone, but can work within a community of like-minded people, where they are understood and welcomed.

I got an opportunity to be interviewed by Thea Orozco, founder of the group and podcaster at (Here is a link to the podcast interview Episode 44: Creating Memorable Connections As An Introvert). Afterward, she gave me this little nugget to share with you…

“Remember that when you’re building a community online you’re connecting with people one-to-one. The people responding to your posts are in their homes, possibly alone, and are looking for ways to connect with other people.” – THEA OROZCO – INTROVERTOLOGY.COM





►Create Universal Connections.

Developing and maintaining connections is becoming increasingly important in our ’solo’ world and online communities. But if you can identify your experiences and talk about how to handle changes in community involvement situations, you can successfully navigate your environment both online and offline.

And it can feel great to connect with others in many different ways. Find what works for you…and your communities.


►Connection Challenge (Are You Up For It?)

Okay, so here comes the part you’ve been dreading. I want to challenge you, in this oh sure, we ’gotta have a challenge’ world we live in.

But for this official ‘CONNECTION CHALLENGE’ find 3 ways to engage with groups of more than 5 people this week. Yes, one of them can be online…but two more in the ‘real’ world and one should be around your business.  It doesn’t mean you have to embrace a ‘live’ networking event…but perhaps engage in an online social media thread that you would have otherwise avoided.

Take a trip to the library, or college campus to explore activities that you might want to be involved with. Most clubs allow for a period of ‘review’ to check them out, this would be an excellent time to see if it’s a fit for you.


►Follow Up.

I’d love to hear what ‘connection challenges’ you come up with. Where can you connect? Where can you go and be a part of the group, while maintaining your ’ongoing solo’ world?

Even as a part of a ‘group’ everyone is different, but I challenge you to find your ‘connection’ whatever it might look like for you.


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