Tammy Fink, is an entrepreneur and award winning graphic designer/author/speaker who has over 30 years of experience working in marketing and graphic design. She created her own business in 2004, Blue Water Designs & Supply Company. Tammy has been teaching business principles virtually since 2010. During the pandemic of 2020, she wrote and published three books, including the WOW!Factor, where she teaches the basics of how to use unique client experiences to blow your clients minds and reduce client churn. 

She is a ‘loud, lovable, and full of laughs’ online business personality who helps entrepreneurs create meaningful and memorable connections with their customers. Teaching them how to to attract their ideal customers through branding and keeping those customers through unique client experiences. During her career she has had the opportunity to work with many startups, and has created over 5,000 design projects. even some existing big-name international brands, such as Hershey’s, Cinnabon, Hewlett-Packard, the Mighty Mouse brand, and Wicked Tuna. These types of experiences helped her to become a conceptual superstar in building impactful business & entrepreneurial connections through branding and marketing.

“I don’t know kungfu & I never learned to play the piano but I create WOWs very, very well. Some say that I might even be obsessed, and they could be right.”

Tammy Fink

Speaker, Author, WOW!Factor


“When you begin to include the perspective of client in your marketing decisions, you change the whole experience for the client and the business owner.  It’s definitely a WOW moment and suddenly you can see clearly how you should have been reaching out to your client all along.”
 – Tammy Fink, Author WOW!Factor 

Now you will never run out of ideas, or have trouble figuring out what would be a great WOW or how you make the biggest impact for your clients.  TAMMY IS HERE TO HELP YOU TO REALLY CONNECT WITH YOUR AUDIENCE OR TRIBE IN A MEANINGFUL & MEMORABLE WAY.

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TOPICS & Things I Love To Talk About

  • Building Connections, Real Connections For Online Businesses: In today’s online business space, it seems more and more rare to build lasting connections with clients,  groups, or membership sites. I can talk about how coaches, authors, memberships developers, and entrepreneurs can create high-level customer experiences and touch-points with their fans, followers, and members. Building experiences and products that are both meaningful and memorable increases member retention, lengthen the customer lifespan and promote added value within their businesses.
  • WOW!Factor Program™:  I can talk about how to strategically pick or develop Creative Ideas and Products that allow you easily build better relationships with your customers. Strategic ideas and products can do more than make your customer aware of your brand they can build relationships. Traditional marketing plans alone don’t work well within the online space, where you must build stronger connections.

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