“When you begin to include the perspective of client in your marketing decisions, you change the whole experience for the client and the business owner.  It’s definitely a WOW moment and suddenly you can see clearly how you should have been reaching out to your client all along.”
 – Tammy Fink, Author “WOW!Factor”: Blow Your Clients’ Minds”


“Tammy shared her Client-first Framework, and it blew us away.”

 “Tammy Fink brought her A+Game to my high-achiever entrepreneur’s retreat . The presentation with my audience was interactive. And they were still talking about her talk days afterwards. Everyone absolutely loved the FIRE she brought.”

– Shawn Quintero, Kingdom Entrepreneurs

“I was at a business retreat, where Tammy Fink handed out these Rubik’s Cube… It was a cool use of a gift. And how the customer experience can be so impactful… She takes it to a whole other level. “

– Sam Hodgett, Your Funnel Ninja

“Tammy will bend over backwardS to help you give your customer’s an amazing experience.”

"Tammy Fink taught me THINGS I didn't know, and I've written 10 books."

"I created...the Boss of Me Journal, thanks to Tammy Fink and her Journal/Planner Workshop. I've written 10 books and now one journal, thanks to Tammy. She knows what she is talking about. I highly recommend you doing whatever she says to get your journal out and into the world. God Bless. "

– AJ Austin, TheBossOfMe.com