Tammy teaches companies how to reduce client-churn.


Tammy delivers keynotes, round-tables, and action-driven mini-trainings to your audience, around such topics as Creating Unique Client Experiences & Building Client-Centric Connections. MORE INFO


Tammy has over 30 years of real-world experience in marketing and design…and has created many WOW!s for her clients.  And now she works with teams to create high-impact touchpoints throughout their entire client’s journey. LET’S CHAT!

WOW!Factor Quiz

Are you missing out on some amazing connections with your clients? What kind of connector are you exactly? Take this fun & free 3-minute quiz to answer those questions and more. HECK YEAH!

wow!factor Book

In the WOW!Factor book, author Tammy Fink shares specific tools and strategies you can apply to your business. By creating unique client experiences you will not only be able to stand out in the marketplace, but also build greater impact and achieve higher client retention. BUY NOW!

Welcome Box Challenge

What if it was EASY to deliver a custom Welcome Box to the new members of your tribe? Did you know that you could increase your retention rate for your program, membership, or retreat? MORE INFO

Print-On-Demand Swag

Would you love to have your own SWAG for Your Own Website? Without all of the headaches of printing, packing, and shipping? Now you can…Take a look at my Pants Optional Entrepreneur’s SWAG, and yes, it’s a REAL-SITE, and YES, you can really BUY THESE these. Feel free to test out the site and products before you decide you want your own site.


Our attendees loved everything that Tammy put together for them. And we didn’t have to do anything but put together our wish list, and get her the list of attendees.

Shay Wheat

Certified Event Producer, Shay Wheat International

I have written 10 books and I took Tammy’s course : Planning Your Planner For Your Tribe. She taught me things I didn’t know about creating a planner. I recommend taking her course to take your planner to the next level.

Dr. AJ Austin

Founder, Boss of Me Journal

Tammy took my vision and brought my Guided Planner & Journal to life.  I have gotten amazing feedback from my clients. They have been talking about how functional and beautiful this planner is. I can’t wait to work with her again on the next one.

Tricia Sitemere

Author/Speaker/Coach, TriciaSitemere.com