“A WOW  is the sound that someone makes when you surprise and delight them. It is that special something that you send to your clients, or to the people in your life who support you, your business, and your big bold dreams.”

Tammy Fink, Chief WOW! Creator

For me it’s creating products like custom planners, or program welcome boxes, or VIP gifts that help you CONNECT with your clients, on a whole other level. And it’s not just a nice to have part of your program, membership, or training, Sending a creative WOW  is a must when you want to set yourself apart from the competition, and especially when you care about your clients and their experience.

If you’ve ever felt like lack of time and funds can get in the way of going above and beyond, welcome to your solution. You’re about to learn how fast, easy and affordable it can be to send personal client gifts, custom training materials, and on-boarding/welcome boxes!

I consult with coaches or entrepreneurs just like you, who have 25-2500 people in a paid coaching or paid membership program. And if you yearn to create an amazing WOW!Factor Strategy to make your client feel welcomed, loved, and appreciated. While at the same time promoting higher client retention, achieving greater impact, and more amazing transformation. Then you are definitely in the right place…right now.

  • Here is a quick idea of how we might be able to work on your projects together. I came up with some neat ideas, and this is a really cool way to share them with you.
  • We will focus on building real-world connection pieces that are both meaningful and memorable to you and your clients.
  • How do we do that? Well, I’m glad you asked…click the image to the left to see just a few ideas on how we might just do that.