Would you love to send out welcome boxes to your clients?
Afraid that it will cost too much?
Looking for ideas and inspiration to DIY your Welcome Box? 

“A WOW is definitely the sound that your client will make when you surprise and delight them.

But it is also that special something that you send to your clients, or to the people in your life who support you, your business, and your big bold dreams.

What makes a welcome box special?

Here is a hint: It’s not actually about the stuff they received in the boxes (although you will have some pretty awesome stuff I’m sure).

It is more about how your client or student feels about getting their boxes.

It’s about the experience you create around the entire product. It is more about how YOU relate to them and draw your people closer to you.

It’s about building connections around milestones, and celebrations within your program.
Tammy Fink, Chief WOW! Creator

Who Is This For?

Coaches/Membership Developers who:

  • need a BIGGER IMPACT
  • are considering adding a Welcome Box In House using their team or virtual assistant
  • need how-to strategies and tips to actually make this happen
What if it could be EASY to deliver a custom Welcome Box to the new members of your tribe?
What would this mean to you?
It could mean as much as an increase of 30% retention rate for your members.

It is definitely something you should look into, and we make it totally easy to do just that.

“As a virtual assistant, it’s been a huge help to me in figuring out ways that I can make better client experiences for my clients.”

 “One of the most important takeaways was how to set up a budget, and not to forget all of the little things that you don’t normally think about when trying to put together something like this.

– Cheryl Lyons, V.A.

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You know that Welcome Boxes are an amazing way to deliver your gratitude to your clients, but who wants that extra work? …I can show you how to make the most of this touch

elevate client retention

Welcome Boxes increase your client retention by taking your processes from basic to STRATEGIC.

first major touchpoint

You have a great idea for onboarding your clients, but don’t know where to start and how to turn your idea into an actionable plan… I gotchu boo.

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