1:1 – 60 minute -CLIENT-CENTRIC STRATEGY SESSION – only $249 

Talk about some oooeey goodness…imagine if your clients were so in love with you, that they wanted to work with you every time you had a program, or event. What would it look like if you focused on delivering an amazing customer experience  (like in the WOW!Factor book) ? What if they said “Heck, Yeah” I totally want to do that every time. Why? Because you were making Wow!Factor Experiences for your clients, and they know you totally DELIVER with your program & More.


 When I share with my clients my client-first methodology…let’s think about S’Mores (you know that sweet snack consisting of a chocolate bar and toasted marshmallow sandwiched between graham crackers…yep, that’s the one). And we have called it …..S’More Time. Well, of course we did. LOL. 

S'More Client Retention Strategies

 When we begin to construct your WOW!Factor we talk about the strategy (the graham crackers) about how we can create higher client retention by reviewing your client’s journey. This creates a client-first structure where we build on to create deeper connections with your clients, customers, team or members throughout your program.

let’s start with the
GRAHAM CRACKER (strategy):


This creates a client-first structure where we build on to create deeper connections with your clients, customers, team or members throughout your program.

next we look at the CHOCOLATE (BRAND):


How can we know who your clients are and create something that will truly inspire, motivate or celebrate them in a way that they also feel valued and loved? That’s what we discover together.


this is THE

We combine your company culture and the product or connection piece that brings it all together. This is the surprise and delight feature that truly creates moments that matter for your clients.

Thanks for ‘sticking with me’ thus far (LOL)… it’s not about putting the individual pieces together, they unfold their full potential through their mixture. It’s the fact that S’mores are more delicious together than each ingredient on its own. Let that sink in for just a moment.

You and your business are truly amazing…but we all know that it’s the clients/customers that truly make a difference. So how can we build an amazing client experience for them within your program? That’s what I want to talk with you about.

So many people asked me to tell them how to create a WOW!Factor for themselves. So here it is: Here is S’More Time with me…join me for a 60 minute strategy call 1:1.

S'More Client Retention Strategies


And here’s what’s even sweeter…all that GOODNESS for $249. And I promise you will come away with one clear strategy that will make your clients “stick” to you for a long time to come. And you even get to pick a time that works for your schedule. https://tammyfink.as.me/strategies

And WAIT…THERE IS MORE: You get a special bonus gift: An ebook copy of the WOW!Factor, and a carefully curated S’MORE Client Retention Companion Guide that will support you in taking a look at all the layers of your client connection points.

I truly hope that you will take me up on this offer…it’s not offered like this all of the time, but I wanted you to know that I truly appreciate you, and want to help you to take your relationship with your clients to the next level.

If you have any questions please reach out, I believe that just like S’Mores…WE ARE ALL BETTER TOGETHER. – TAMMY FINK