Fuel your business podcast or event with the dynamic wisdom of Wowologist, Tammy Fink! A seasoned author, speaker, and B2B customer experience expert, Tammy excels in converting clients into dedicated supporters and enhancing profits. Her talent lies in simplifying intricate concepts with an entertaining twist and captivating teaching style, ensuring an engaged audience. Tammy’s involvement guarantees a podcast brimming with invaluable insights and memorable experiences, making her an indispensable asset for your show! Click here to Book Tammy for an Interview today!

The #1 brand differentiator today is not price or product, but the quality of the Client Experience you deliver. BUSINESS OWNERS who create unique client experiences are outperforming their competitors on all levels.

– Tammy Fink, Author of WOW!Factor

Tammy Fink is known as the Wowologist. Author of the WOW!Factor|Speaker|B2B Client Experience Consultant, Tammy is a “loud, lovable, and full of laughs” business personality who teaches you how to create a VIP client-centric experience that will blow your clients’ minds.

customer Experience expert:

Over the last two decades,  Tammy Fink has learned key lessons about the customer/client experience that applies in every industry: creating a unique customer experience (CX) will allow you to stand out from the crowd and increase client retention.

Tammy Fink has had a successful career in design & marketing for over 30 years. She started her own entrepreneurial journey in 2004 by creating the Bluewater Design & Supply Company. Tammy has been teaching her unique client-centric business principles since 2010. In 2020, during the pandemic, she wrote and published three books including the WOW!Factor: How to use unique experiences to blow your client’s mind and increase retention. Tammy delivers best practices and impactful language to help leaders develop and inspire their teams to create unique and impactful client/customer experiences.

building connections:

 Tammy’s approach to building connections is rooted in the customer experience first and foremost. In today’s economy, a great product or service just isn’t enough. Customers are looking for more in their engagement with a brand. Backstories and missions are now more important than ever. Customers also want to be a part of a community built on a common goal or experience.  Therefore, creating a unique customer experience is the first step to creating a memorable and meaningful connection for your customers.


  1. What are three key steps to delivering the ultimate client experience?
  2. How can you use experiences to engage with your clients and prospects?
  3. What are proven client-first practices that will increase revenue and retention?
  4. You wrote a book, ‘the WOW!Factor” where you say that you can turn client experience into your biggest competitive advantage, and blow your client’s minds, how did that come about?
  5. What are some of the biggest problems people have connecting to their audience, memberships, or attendees?
  6. What do you mean when you say that you measure client-first connections with M&Ms?
  7. What does a Rubik’s Cube have to do with creating a unique client experience?
  8. You have developed a Client-First Methodology, what does that mean?
  9. You don’t believe in SWAG, what does that mean?
  10. How many connection points do people need to have with their clients? And do you have any examples of these connections? 


Best-fit audiences:

Tammy Fink’s expertise is appropriate for leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, and sales specialists in B-to-B and B-to-C businesses of all sizes and industries. In particular, it’s meant for businesses that want to differentiate their service by creating a WOW!Factor connection to enhance customers’ experiences.

Key takeaways for your audience:

  • How customer expectations have shifted to a more personalized and connected engagement.
  • How companies can design effective client connection strategies.
  • The five best practices for creating remarkable customer experiences—that are Meaningful & Memorable.
  • The strategy for creating touch-points that will inspire, motivate or celebrate your clients/customers.