Customers want to become a part of your story NOT part your brand. 

– Tammy Fink, Author of WOW!Factor

Over the last two decades, keynote speaker Tammy Fink has learned key lessons about the customer/client experience that applies in every industry: creating a unique customer experience (CX) will allow you to stand out from the crowd and increase client retention.

Drawing on her experience in delivering over 5K touch-point projects, Tammy wrote three books during the pandemic. This keynote is based on one of the pillars of her book, WOW!Factor: Blow Your Client’s Mind Today!  Tammy’s keynote focuses on turning customer/client experiences into your biggest competitive advantage. Tammy delivers best practices and impactful language to help leaders develop and inspire their teams to create unique and impactful client/customer experiences.

Tammy’s approach to building connections is rooted in the customer experience first and foremost. In today’s economy, a great product or service just isn’t enough. Customers are looking for more in their engagement with a brand. Backstories and missions are now more important than ever. Customers also want to be a part of a community built on a common goal or experience.  Therefore, creating a unique customer experience is the first step to creating a memorable and meaningful connection for your customers.

All too often, entrepreneurs and companies prioritize teaching their content and focus on their products rather than focusing on the client/customer experience they’re delivering and how it makes others feel. By embracing a more comprehensive and customer-centric view of the experience they are delivering, beyond the content, and understanding the impact on the customer experience.

That’s why this keynote speech focuses on delivering an amazing customer experience.  Tammy shares her experiences and uses relatable examples including the Rubik’s cube, Starbucks Coffee, and Chic-fil-a in explaining the idea of creating unique experiences that are simple but effective for any organization including entrepreneurs, team, or community leaders.

In short, if you want to deliver an amazing client experience that will leave your clients raving about you on social media, sharing their experience, and completing your program, you must create touch-points within your program, membership, or events. Customers who feel inspired, motivated, and celebrated will naturally tell everyone about their experience and become your loyal fans and followers. Which gives you higher client retention, more impactful reviews, and more engagement with you and your brand.  Instead of focusing on getting new clients or customers, Tammy helps you to take better care of the ones you already have.


Customer-centric organizations are 60% more profitable compared to organizations that do not focus on the customer.

SOURCE: Deloitte Research

Best-fit audiences:

In this talk, leaders will learn from the keynote speaker how to create a unique experience for their clients/customers that will go above and beyond the typical customer experience by focusing on the customer’s needs and desires for connection.

This keynote speaker’s talk is appropriate for leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, and sales specialists in B-to-B and B-to-C businesses of all sizes and industries. In particular, it’s meant for businesses that want to differentiate their service by creating a WOW!Factor connection to enhance customers’ experiences.

Key takeaways from this keynote speech may include:

  • How customer expectations have shifted to a more personalized and connected engagement.
  • How companies can design effective client connection strategies.
  • The five best practices for creating remarkable customer experiences—that are Meaningful & Memorable.
  • The strategy for creating touch-points that will inspire, motivate or celebrate your clients/customers.