Let’s connect…pick a time that works best for you. I am so excited to meet you, we will both set aside time together for this meeting. So I do ask that you arrive a few minutes early if possible, and be prepared to jump in with both feet.

I do have a list of questions for you to complete prior to our meeting to be sure I know more about you before our meeting. And when it asks if you if you want to receive the Coolest eMails Ever…click ?? YES, and I’ll send you a very special message just for you. Remember I create WOWs!

Our meeting will schedule a ZOOM. Please know that ZOOM is a video platform, and we do ask to record the session from time to time to use in our marketing. And if we do choose our session, (because why wouldn’t we…you ARE AMAZING!) we are happy to provide a back-link to you and your business and will tag you in the video, so that you can share it with your peeps, as well. After all, it is about creating opportunities to connect, it’s just what we do. #createconnections