4 Steps to Make Your Clients Feel Valued

Of course, you value your clients. Where would you be without them? But do your clients FEEL valued? Chances are there is more than one company that does exactly what you do. So why do your clients choose your business over theirs?
Often it has to do with a relationship and feeling of attachment to your particular business. While your products or services may not be drastically different from your competitors, your customer experience can be.
When giving to your clients, they should feel like the gift was hand-selected and is meaningful and memorable just for them. To make an impression, you want your clients to know you were thinking of them when you selected their gift.
86% of consumers say personalized service plays a significant role in their purchasing decisions. When you are looking at what can impact your clients, take a serious look at HOW you are connecting with them.

💥 1. Moments that Matter

Create more opportunities to give your clients something that will benefit them other than your specific product or service. Show them you’re not only looking to sell, but you also want to show your appreciation for their business.
Everyone likes someone who appreciates them, and it’s no secret that people do business with people they know, like, and trust. You can establish yourself as someone who people want to know, by putting your clients first. This should become more about HOW you do business, regardless of WHAT you offer.

💥 2. Give To Build Relationships

You could be like the masses of business owners out there, and only GIVE something to get your brand recognized. Or you could use the opportunity to build better relationships with your clients.
If you give a mug with your logo on it, it’s more about YOU than it is about your CUSTOMER. But if you buy your caffeine-driven client a week’s worth of coffee at their favorite coffeehouse. You have created a WOW! Factor.
This doesn’t mean that you can’t build in ways they can reciprocate. If you have an expectation be sure to include how or what they can do for you in return. By supporting each other, you build a relationship that matters.
Maybe you want to work with this business, and want an easy way to set up an easy ‘yes’ for the next ask. Such as, “I am so glad that Alecia introduced us. Wishing you a successful launch. Looking forward to connecting this week to coordinate a meeting with you and your team.”

💥 3. Give To Customers First

If you give gifts that serve your clients, do it early in the relationship. Consider it like dating, don’t give them a weekend getaway on the first date. That would seem creepy. But small thoughtful gifts let your client know that you ‘see them’ and you were listening.
Why do you need to set a president early in the client journey? Building a relationship can be an impactful growth strategy for your business, and you can support your clients at the same time. If you show that you focus on your clients first, then they have a better experience and are more apt to give your name as a referral to their family and friends.

💥 4. Build-In Customer Loyalty

If I can share one thing I have learned In business over the last 18 years it would be that YOU absolutely need customer loyalty. When you get a new lead, there is a 5%-20% chance of making them a new customer or client. However, selling to an existing client jumps to somewhere between 60%-70%.
If you focus on what activities will increase client retention, you will increase your revenue while creating an amazing customer experience for them. Create strategic reasons to reach out and stay connected with your clients: whether it’s asking for feedback, referrals, or just a simple thank you for doing business with us.
If you stay connected with customers and keep gratitude in mind, you will make your clients feel valued and that makes for an amazing experience for everyone. 😍💥