► Adult Coloring Books

We aren’t talking about your kid’s coloring books. These are creative coloring books for adults. Did you know that reporting agencies estimate that over 20 million adult coloring books have been sold since 2013? I’m not selling you a coloring book, I am suggesting that we could design a coloring book for use in your business.

You are probably asking yourself, “But how can I possibly use coloring books in my business?

► How Do You Use Coloring Books for Your Business?

Did you know that creative projects can reduce stress? Coloring would be completely appropriate for any Health & Wellness program, and many other business styles. Do your clients need to recharge their creative batteries? Or step out of the box and embrace their inner artist by coloring within a group dynamic. What if you added value to your online program or your live events? Coloring books would let you add an activity that is both fun and rewarding, without a huge expense.

These adult style coloring books allow you to attract new clients and even create additional revenue streams to your existing products.  These coloring books are designed to be created quickly and can be fit into any business theme, such as :

► Better Than Swag

Adult coloring books can be offered as a stand-alone or value-added product, or as a “better than swag” collectible for your event. You could create a journal or notebook with a cover that promotes creativity. Clients will thank you for thinking of them first, and they will keep and treasure the notebook they ‘made’ during your workshop, event, or think tank.

► Easy To Create

If you’re ready to create your own coloring book, here are some of my  recommendations to ensure a high-quality product that your clients will love:

  • Use spiral binding so that your coloring book will not only lay flat but so that you can reduce the size of the footprint at the table.
  • Use thicker-weight paper to avoid the ink bleeding through, and to allow for double-sided printing for more content including text, instructions, inspiration and more.
  • 8 x 10 is a great size so that it can fit into a standard-size picture frame.
  • Consider perforated pages to make them easy to tear out, no trimming necessary.

► Next Steps

If you are a creative, author, musician, or artist we can create coloring books as supplemental products for your fans and followers. You can develop your coloring book to be included in your existing CD package or audiobook.  And promote listening to your music or meditations or affirmations while your clients color in your coloring book.  Don’t forget to add pens, pencils, or watercolor markers to really sweeten the deal for your customers.

► Getting Started

You can contact me directly and we can discuss your ideas for your new coloring book. Your tribe is going to go cra-cra. Let’s grab some coffee and do this thing…  I wanna book a coffee chat! https://wowtammy.com

Watch the video below to see how you can use a coloring book as part of your marketing genius. 

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