What if you could increase your online membership retention by upwards of 30%? How much would that be worth to you over a year? Over a lifetime? Let your peeps how just how important they are to you by telling them that they matter. You are busy building your business, but with our relationship action plan, you never forget another member’s birthday or holiday card ever again. What about a membership welcome package, or thank-you cards, especially around membership renewal time? We have custom gift programs to recognize your stellar employees and love on your faithful clients with personalized gifts and cards that are custom, stylish, functional, and heartfelt.

Greeting cards, postcards, gifts and more can be customized for the best impact for your business.  A custom gift is a thoughtful way for your business to show its appreciation. We will find you that perfect something that all your recipients will love. GIFT IDEA: We can send personal welcome cards, or thank-you cards, especially around membership renewal time to your clients for you..

Does your tribe have their own language? You can promote better community interaction with custom products.  GIFT IDEA: Use custom diecast pins to showcase milestones within your group. Building a relationship is one of the single most important things you can promote client or member retention within your group.

Everyone loves to promote the brands that they love. We aren’t talking about swag…we are talking about messaging. Gifts can bonds your community members together, and give them VIP status too.  GIFT IDEA: Make your custom message T-shirts available at events, or through your paid membership offers. Printed products can be dated to be collectible each year or for each event. 


What is the difference between Swag & Gifts? Swag is amazing, but it only serves to make your customer aware of your brand. But a CUSTOM GIFT is about your client…What would they enjoy? What would they like? It’s about putting your client-first and promoting the membership language. We offer gift planning and giving that will show that you care about your client or employee, not just at the point of purchase…but all year long. Let’s show you how.